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Generate significant income and extraordinary returns on R&D investments and technical innovations by helping monetize your IP assets


   • Target identification and validation
   • Litigation support
   • Patent evaluation
   • Reverse engineering


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Why IPE?

IP Enginuity (IPE) was established to meet the growing demand for expert engineering services in the intellectual property (IP) and patent licensing industry. Intellectual property owners, inventors and licensees are discovering the inherent value and revenue potential associated with their IP assets. In particular, patents have become a new high-tech “currency” with which businesses are formed, shaped, sustained and protected. IP Enginuity is committed to supplying the engineering expertise and IP skills that allow our client-partners to harness their IP assets and put them to work.

Legal actions are extremely costly in both time and money. Let IP Enginuity help design cost-effective solutions for evaluating your IP assets and addressing your strategic and tactical licensing objectives. We combine relevant technical expertise with years of patent evaluation and licensing experience to design and apply custom solutions to your situation. Whether you are overwhelmed by the complexities of exploding technology, the challenges of technology transfer or simply need advise from a subject matter expert, look to IP Enginuity to discern and illuminate your path.


Patent Licensing and Technology Transfer

  • Licensing-in and licensing-out
  • Target identification and validation
  • Litigation support

Patent Analysis and Technology Landscaping

  • Portfolio mining
  • Patent evaluation
  • Prior art searches
  • IP due diligence

Forensic Engineering

  • Product investigations and reverse engineering
  • Claim charting and proof packages
  • Failure analysis
  • Product re-engineering